Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Approvals, and Commercial Development Services

TRIGA offers a variety of construction and development services in Ontario. TRIGA can tailor any of our services to work for your specific construction/development project.

Design/Build:  When you need to know up front what your project cost will be, this is the way to go.  We are a true Design/Build provider.  This is a result of decades of experience in this very hands on service.

Project Design:  Our staff and our consultants will prepare  all you need including;  Preliminary Concepts, Architecture, and Engineering.

Site Plan Approvals:  Triga will arrange on your behalf; Site Plan Approvals,  Building Permits, Re-zonings, Committee of Adjustment, Minor Variances, Planning Reports.  We do all of these in house.

Site Engineering:  Our consultants will provide you with; Storm Water Management, Site Servicing  and Site Grading Plans.

Construction  Management:  If you already have the drawings we will manage the construction phase for you.  Our staff has an impressive track record of cost savings. Ask how we do it.

Project Management:  If you don’t have the plans yet, we will manage the design and the construction for you. We will provide all the plans or work with your consultants.

Value Engineering:  Due to our true Design/Build experience we work directly with all of our consultants and trades to reduce costs.   If you already have the drawings we will review all design details.  The sooner that we are involved the more we can save you.

Commercial Development:  We will develop your project for you, leave it all to us.

Construction Audit:  When you are concerned that your project is over budget. (preferably prior to the completion of your drawing) Triga will examine all the details as well as supplier and sub-trade prices.  We review the scope of work for each to advise you on cost saving measures.

Consulting:  When you don’t know where to begin or you have a problem to deal with, Triga can provide you with direction and solutions.

New Building Lot Evaluation: Whether you need to find a new site for your project or you have already found one.  Triga will evaluate  the REAL cost of the location including zoning restrictions, engineering issues,  development fees.  This is a vital step before you buy any land.

Governing Authorities:  Triga will negotiate on your behalf with all of these, including Planning Departments, Building Departments,  Conservation Authorities,  etc.

Let TRIGA manage the entire construction project or just the elements that you need assistance with.

“The client’s interests normally are served best
when the principal retained is proficient
in the predominant work involved in the project”

Architects and Professional Engineers
Joint Board of Practice
Province of Alberta